Welcome to marCloud Store

Welcome to marCloud Store.
A place where you may buy rank, item or donate to our team to make the server better place!

Before you do anything!
1. Read item description carefully to make proper purchase.
2. Refunds are not accepted in any way, only if server will be closed permanently.
3. Purchase takes usually 30 s – 2 min after purchase.
4. Our server doesn’t support account changes. If you change your in-game name, the data will not be moved to new one!
5. We invest the money to new hosting devices, tools and software (marCloud related only).
6. If you are not able to get on the server, notify us as soon as possible!
7. If you use free Minecraft account, make sure it’s password is strong and unique (you can change it using /changepassword command)
8. If your account got stolen, hacked or deleted, contact us as soon as possible, we will help you to get it back!
9. Pay to win does not exist on this server, even with highest rank you won’t have easier to win…

After you read the terms above, you may proceed to item selection section.

Staff contact:
– Discord: https://discord.gg/yaftWcn 
– Email: marcelektro17@gmail.com
– Forums: https://forums.marcloud.net/

Select items by category.

Purchase benefits

When purchasing any item in our store, you support us and our work on the server.

Ranks, items and related are also benefits for you for example cosmetics gadgets and other features. You can read about rank benefits bellow

Product content

Every item’s description contains what it gives to the user after purchase. Content given only on this store is real and will have place.
For example: VIP Network rank’s permissions are visible in VIP item info (Mini games Network -> Network VIP)

Bellow you can browse all items or make an account…