Welcome to marCloud Store

Welcome to marCloud Store.
Here, you can purchase ranks, items and donate our Minecraft Minigames Network.

Before you do anything!
1. Please read items carefully to prevent being mad of buying something you didn’t want!
2. We do NOT make refunds!!! Make sure you want to get something before payments!
3. If your package won’t be delivered to your account, please contact owner immediately.
4. Our server doesn’t support account changes, so if you switched Minecraft accounts, please notify staff first to transfer all things you got from the store
5. The money destination is server performance increasing. If you see lags, spikes or crashes, it means it can’t handle all. We also host marcloud.net website, services like file compressions and more. It is very resource demanding stuff. So, to fix lags, you can donate using donate tab and give us money which will be used to make server better!
6. If server goes offline, please don’t panic. It means it is under maintenance or there’s an outage. If we would shut down for longer, you will be notified by discord.

So… let’s get STARTED!
Select the rank or item that you want to buy in the header!

Contact: Discord: https://discord.gg/yaftWcn Email: marcelektro17@gmail.com

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