1. General provisions

1.1. Services offered in this store are virtual items accessible only on Minecraft server marcloud.net.
1.2. Person using service marcloud.net is called “user”, and person, who at least once used the server store located under https://store.marcloud.net will be called “client”.
1.3. Server marcloud.net is not related with Mojang AB in any way.
1.4. The website regulations may be changed at any time, even in the slightest way, without being forced to inform the users of this website.
1.5. Service marcloud.net does not collect, share or process any personal data of user or client.
1.6. Ignorance of the regulations does not exempt from its consequences and liability for errors.
1.7. By entering the server or website and using them, the user accepts the regulations.
1.8. The owner reserves the right to change the regulations.

2. Payments

2.1. Accessible payment methods in this service are: PayPal.
2.2. The prices of the services may vary depending on the chosen form of payment and are subject to change
2.3. Payments are managed by the service owner
2.4. After purchasing the selected service, marCloud automatically grants it to the customer.
2.5. If the service is not received within 5 minutes after payment completion, please contact us on our Discord server, email or forums.
2.6. All services and items are the property of the marCloud server, and the player only gains access to them.
2.7. Access to the purchased service may be lost in case of breaking server rules or permanent server shutdown.
2.8. After purchasing the service in the store, we do not accept refunds.
2.9. Please send all complaints regarding payment via e-mail: marcelektro17@gmail.com